yamiMFTX Server

managed file transfer and file exchange server

yamiMFTX Server provides a simple and secure solution for file sharing and file exchange on an ad hoc basis. Easily upload, share and download files with your colleges, partners and customers. Use inside your company for only in-house work or with your clients.

Why yamiMFTX Server


Full control

yamiMFTX Server is installed on your own servers. You and nobody else control all aspects of security and be sure that sensitive information is placed in fully-controlled environment.

Ad-hoc sharing

yamiMFTX Server allows users to upload files and control access to their uploaded files on self-service basis using different options without involvement of IT department


Uploading of large files

yamiMFTX Server support uploading  large files (1 Gb, 10 Gb and more) with ability to resume upload if connection to server is lost for some reason. You are limited only by the size of disk storage on your server.


No special client

yamiMFTX Server doesn’t require any special client. You need only modern browser to start upload, download or share files.


Easy to use

Easy and intuitive user interface makes it simple and natural for users, requiring virtually no training.


No hidden additional costs

yamiMFTX Server uses proven open source and free software.
You don’t need to pay for database, operating system, etc.